The design-build process is what sets Blythe apart from the competition. When your mechanical contractor is also the mechanical engineering firm, you get one-stop shop efficiency you can count on.

The Design-Build Advantage

As a full service design-build mechanical contractor, Blythe provides its clients with cost effective solutions geared to meet customer requirements and budget constraints. Our project specific designs are coordinated with architects and other members of the design team from project conception to building occupancy.

Advantages of the design-build approach include the development of accurate budgets to assist owners in planning and financing; accurate definition of equipment weights and electrical requirements; coordination of service access; and regular updates to all members of the design team with complete and accurate information as the design progresses.

These actions are all focused on providing the most seamless design and construction processes possible. Another major advantage of selecting Blythe for a design-build project is that Blythe has sole responsibility for the design, installation, and proper function of mechanical systems that meet customer requirements.

Features of a Blythe Design-Build Project

  • Mechanical systems and solutions appropriate for our customers’ needs

  • Systems which are as simple and efficient as possible while meeting functional requirements

  • Mechanical equipment selected to fit with a building configuration so that oversized equipment with resulting added installation costs and operating expenses is avoided

  • Accurate calculation of loads that might be placed on mechanical equipment to make certain that the equipment, duct, and pipe are correctly sized

  • Precise definition of structural and electrical requirements to accommodate mechanical equipment, thereby avoiding unnecessary construction costs

  • Ventilation designed for air quality and comfort

  • Systems designed to suit owner budgets

  • Equipment specifications suited to cost effective equipment acquisition, based on our extensive construction and service experience

  • Excellent customer training, warranties, and preventative maintenance

  • Service, repair, and upgrades to existing systems and equipment to provide customers with the benefits of new technology