Lummi Nation School K-12

The Lummi K-12 School was originally designed and bid on a plan/spec. basis. Because it was seriously over budget, the owner elected to pursue a design-build process. Blythe was part of the successful project proposing team and the complete project was built within budget with no reduction in scope. The systems Blythe designed and installed in the 120,000 square foot project included a variable air volume HVAC system with variable flow terminal units serving the classroom areas, variable air volume with fan powered constant volume terminal units serving the administration office areas, and constant air volume serving the gymnasium with demand ventilation; dust collection system for the wood shop; complete mechanical plant with boilers and chiller; and plumbing systems. Work was completed on schedule and within budget.

The preconstruction services performed by Blythe on the Lummi K-12 School initially included rough approximate budgeting of potential mechanical systems and transparent detailed budgeting of a somewhat complex system involving mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation, and in-floor radiant heat.  Eventually, due to budget constraints and because the mechanical engineer originally selected for the project closed down their business, the owner and general contractor selected Blythe as the mechanical engineer to provide design-build engineering and mechanical construction services.  The owner requested mechanical cooling in the gymnasium, classroom, and part of the administration offices, so Blythe added a chilled water system to accommodate.  The design and construction work Blythe performed enhanced the owner satisfaction while reducing over $750,000 from the previously budgeted system.

Blythe’s services involved producing detailed budgets at multiple design phases, detailed coordination with other trades, recruitment and selection of a native American workforce, and pursuit of energy rebate funds.

Gooseberry Point, WA

General Contractor:
Flintco LLC